[D-G] SERVILITY and naturalism

Sylvie Ruelle sylvieruelle at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 18 05:34:00 PST 2004

Joseph Losey speaks on his film THE SERVANT

"There is always a basis for homosexuality in any upper-class 
Englishman's background because of the public schools and because of 
the sado-masochistic relationships of the masters, the head-boys, and 
the pupils.  In a way, it's a good thing because it makes the 
sensibility about homosexuality much less strong in later life, 
particularly now that the laws have been changed.  On the other hand, 
it's a bad things because i doubt if anybody came through it without 
some homosexual experience.  But  still, a lot of them came through 
without becoming homosexuality addicted.  It's also a question, in my 
opinion, of the strongly matriarchal aspects of English society.  I 
know this is said of American society, but it is more concealed in 

"Tony is an anti-hero.  If a man is afraid to recognize his bisexuality 
of his feminine characteristics, then he's a weak man.  A strong man is 
able to admit it.  But when a man is really bisexual and say's 'I am 
not.  I am highly virile, I'm a master', then he is an  absolute 
ready-made victim, and that's what happens, I think."

"The degredation elements are very important.  The sexes are different, 
that's all. "

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