[D-G] cinema - originary world

Sylvie Ruelle sylvieruelle at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 12 17:17:58 PST 2004

  "The originary world does not oppose nature to the construction of 
man: it is
  oblivious to
  this distinction, which is valid only in derived milieux. But, rising 
  between a milieux
  which has not yet finished dying and another which does not succeed in 
  born, it
  appropriates the remains of the former and outlines of the latter, to 
make them
  into it's
  'morbid symptoms'... The originary world embraces futurism and 
archaism. All
  that is act
  or gesture belongs to it, as to the mad master of the cliff. And, from 
  to depth,
  along the sloping paths which are this time vertical, or the outside 
to the
  inside, the
  originary world communicates with the derived milieux, both as 
predator which
  it's prey there and as parasite which hastens it's degredation. The 
milieux is
  the originary
  house, just as the originary world is the wild region which overhangs 
  surrounds it."

Ms. Sylvie Ruelle
rw_artette_lc at yahoo.com

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